Security Guards

All Purpose Guards

  • Static and Patrolling

  • All industries

  • Long-term and contingency services

Hospital & Aged Care Guards

  • Meeting the needs of an ageing population

  • Trained guards for individuals, hospitals, hospices and aged care facilites


Close Personal Protection / VIP Guarding

  • Specially selected guards proficient in advanced risk and threat management

  • Empowered decision makers for critical incident response, psychological first aid

  • Appropriate for VIP, high value guests, DV, families in crisis


About Us

Mindset Securities provides static and patrolling guards for all types of venues and sites.

Our experienced security professional also providing consulting on security risk management and training for residents and employees

Our online store has a range of state-of-the-art security and emergency systems.

Contact us today to find out more about our security guard service
Our online store has a number of new and exciting security products available. 
Security Training

Security Training for Staff and Residents

  • Security Incident Awareness and Responses

  • Cyber Security for Safe Internet Use

  • Tailored courses available for businesses and individuals

Our security trainers and consultants are highly experienced and hold all relevant state security licensing, as well as advanced first aid and  specialised certifications, such as working with children and construction white cards. We employ a large number of veterans with strong communications skills and a customer focus coupled with a strong mission drive. 
Security Risk Management


  • Assessment and Planning

  • Critical Incident Response

  • Suitable for any size business

We are always looking to grow our capability and meet current and new clients' unique security requirements

Mindset Securities also offers training and scholarships for suitable veterans and ex-emergency service workers in order to invest in our community.


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NSW Master License # 000101961

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