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Mindset Securities and Mindset Psychology have collaborated to support an industry that plays an integral role in preventing and responding to critical incidents in Australia.

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Guards are often the eyes and ears, first responders and recipients of acts of violence big and small. Yet the average guard does not receive the individual or organisational support that emergency services and other frontline workers do.


To fill this gap Mindset have created a training continuum to support security officer wellbeing and professional development across their lifecycle. The aim of this training is to protect guard mental health, increase their skill development and enhance leader capability so that guards are healthier, happier and perform better. Each lesson has been developed collaboratively between psychologists and security experts to ensure its evidence based and meets industry need.


Each topic has a 20 minute e-lesson that can be completed by guards online. For workplaces that want a greater depth of learning and skill development through scenario based training, each topic is deliverable via face to face instruction.


Packages can be designed to suit the training needs of your workplace:

Training Packages


  • Sleep Hygiene: improving sleep quality and managing night shift

  • Resilience: improving guard resilience to work and life challenges.

  • Critical incident Mental Health: understanding and coping with critical incident stress.

  • Stress management: practical skills to cope with stress

  • Mental Health Awareness: understanding mental illness and how to improve mental health

  • Wellbeing: How to build personal wellbeing

  • High Performance Mindfulness: using mindfulness to improve focus and manage stress

  • Battling boredom: strategies to stay alert for long shifts

Guard Professional Development

  • How to build rapport

  • Improving questioning and listening techniques

  • Improving report writing skills

  • Ethical Decision Making: improving guard decision making and use of authority

  • The Art of Influencing: improving negotiation and persuasion skills

  • Security legislation and knowledge refresher

  • Conflict de-escalation skills

  • Note taking – effective contemporaneous note taking

  • Understanding and responding to alcohol related violence

  • Domestic Violence Awareness: Understanding domestic and family violence drivers and resources

Leader Capability

Face-to-face training is recommended
  • Mental health for managers: understanding psychological hazards and supporting guard resilience.

  • Coaching skills for leaders: framework and skills to coach guards into better performance and resilience

  • Emotional intelligence for leaders: learn emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to support and influence workers (for new leaders)

  • Effective team management: framework and knowledge for managing effective security teams

  • Workplace Critical Incident Mental Health Response: how to respond to a support worker mental health following a critical incident

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To discuss your training needs to meet organisational governance requirements or to book a package contact Mindset Securities via email: or Tommy directly on 0417 202 062